Path To Glory Campaign

The league will consist of five rounds over the course of ten weeks, with each round lasting two weeks. Players must field a Path to Glory army for the duration of the event, only making changes to it as allowed by the campaign rules.

Each player will start at Warband size (600 points)

Each player must provide a reliable method of contact upon signing up so that opponents may coordinate times to play each other.
We’ll have a discord ( and a Facebook Group ( that can be used to communicate and schedule games.

Every round, matches will be played using players’ current Rosters. Pairings will be available the Tuesday and players will be paired against a similarly-ranked opponent. All results are due in by Sunday at the end of day.

Any league participant who does not play their match for two rounds in a row will dropped from the league without refund.

Round One – max. 600pts: May 8th – May 21th
Round Two – max. 900pts: May 22nd – June 4th
Round Three – max. 1200pts: June 5th – June 18th
Round Four – max. 1500pts: June 19th – July 2nd
Round Five – max. 1800pts: July 3rd – July 16th

Matches in each round will add to players’ overall score. Winners will be determined by overall Glory Points earned throughout the league, regardless of spent GP. As such, players must report the total number of GP earned each round, and pairings/winners will be determined using that metric. GP will NOT be deducted from a player’s overall score when spending it during the campaign, however they must keep track of earned and spent GP for the purposes of upgrades, reinforcements, etc.

Games are considered to be Narrative Play. Battleplans will be pulled from the those found on pages 330-335 of the Core Rules. Players may mutually decide on a Battleplan or roll for any of those six.

Store credit and other potential prizes will be awarded from the following categories:
Most Glory Points
Best Sport (voted)
Most Improved (voted)
Most Thematic Army (voted)

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